Corporate Info

The Tsuneishi Group will go forward with foresight, basing our advance on our bold action and outside-the-box thinking, in order to contribute to the prosperity of our customers and the development of the local community as well as to 
the realization of the dreams of our employees.

Photo: Message


Message from Hirotatsu Kambara, President of Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation

Photo: Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We would like to share our corporate philosophy, mission statement and the Tsuneishi Spirit to give you a deeper knowledge of the Tsuneishi Group.

Photo: Company Profile

Company Profile

Tsuneishi capital, date of establishment and executive officers.

Photo: Fiscal Highlights

Fiscal Highlights

Our fiscal highlights, including consolidated Tsuneishi Group fiscal information, sales volume by operation and other financial information.

Photo: Group Companies

Group Companies

A listing of all the Group companies, arranged according to the segment they belong to.

Photo: History


A history and timeline of the Tsuneishi Group.

Photo: Tsuneishi Report

Tsuneishi Report

The “Tsuneishi Report,” the annual report of the Tsuneishi Group, is now available.