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Financial Highlights

TSUNEISHI Group Consolidated: Sales Comparison

Consolidated revenues

TSUNEISHI Group Consolidated: Sales Breakdown

Share of business turn-over

FY2018 (January–December) consolidated sales of the TSUNEISHI Group were 219.3 billion yen (YOY increase of 20.4%). By segment, our core shipbuilding business generated 153.1 billion yen (+11.9% YOY); transport volume increased for our shipping business, resulting in 39.2 billion yen (+40.5% YOY); the environment business marked a record high 11.9 billion yen (+0.1% YOY); the energy business generated 25.9 billion yen (+9.3% YOY); and the life & resorts business had a steady volume of visitors, achieving 14.5 billion yen (+9% YOY).

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